George Cummings

5.75" Diameter x 2.5" Tall

unsigned, purchased from artist

Victoria Avakian Ross (1894-1975)

6.75" Diameter, 2.5" Tall

Ceramic Art, Sculpture & Glass

Victoria Avakian Ross (1894-1975)

4.5" Diameter, 9" Tall

The gallery has a variety of ceramic art, studio ceramics, blown glass, and sculpture with the primarily focus being regional Northwest artists. A large body of the work is from historic and mid-century artists, although we do offer pieces from contemporary artisans.

We offer a wonderful selection of quality works and frequently acquire new pieces.

Our entire inventory is NOT presented here. We will be adding images regularly.

Please inquire for pricing, availability, and special interests. 

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Artists: Ceramics


Avakian Ross, Victoria (1894-1975, Oregon)


Beasley, Esther (1913-2002, Oregon)

Bonifas, Paul (1893-1967, Washington)

Boyden, Frank (b. 1942, Oregon)


Coleman, Tom (Oregon/ Nevada)

Coleman, Elaine (Oregon/ Nevada)

Creitz, William 'Bill' (Oregon/ California)

Cummings, George (Oregon)


Daga, Maigon (1923-2001, Australian/ American)

Davidson, Chasse (Oregon)

Deal, Dave & Bonnie (Washington)

Donovan, Dale (Oregon)


Eagle, Phil (Oregon/ California)


Feves, Betty (1918-1985, Oregon)


Glenn, Jerry (b. 1936, Oregon)

Gluskoter, Charles (Oregon)

Grimm, Ray (1924-2012, Oregon)

Gustin, Chris (b. 1952, Massachusetts)


Hardy, Tom (1921-2016, Oregon)

Hixson, Ngaire (b. 1923, Washington)

Hodge, Lydia Herrick (1886-1960, Oregon)

Horsley, Patrick (Oregon)


Jensen, Jay


Littlejohn, Victoria (Oregon/ California)

Lou, Nils (Oregon)

Martell, Craig (Oregon)

Martisak, Jerrold

McKinnell, James (1919-2005)
McKinnell, Nan (1913-2012)
Metz, Mike (Oregon/ Washington)
Mideke, Louis (1908-1989, Washington)
Mutsuo, Yanagihara (b. 1934, Japanese)

Nakamura, Faye

Norstad, Eric (1924-2013, Oregon/ California)

Pacific Stoneware, Inc. (Portland, Oregon)


Riegger, Hal

Schwab, Wally (Oregon)
Senska, Frances (1914-2009, Montana)
Shaner, David

Shores, Ken (1928-2014, Oregon)

Spencer, Lorene (b. 1923)

Spencer, Ralph
Sperry, Robert (1927-1998, Washington)

Spurlock, Constance (1916-2013)

Tanaka, Junichi (British Columbia, Canada)
Thompson, Leslie (b. 1945, California)

Weisel, Virginia (b. 1923)

Weiser, Kurt (b. 1950)

Welsh, Bennett (1922-1998, Oregon)

Williams, Cheryl S.
Willis, Barbara (1917-2011, California)

Wong, Jade Snow (1922-2006, California)

Wood, Mardi (Oregon/ California)

Wright, George H. (1917-2012, Oregon)

Wright, Pearl (Oregon)

Artists: Sculpture

Albers, Twila
Cramer, Tom
Fairbanks, Avard T. (1897-1987)
French, David R. (b. 1961)
Haley, Sally F. (1908-2007)
Hardy, Tom
Kelly, Charles G.
Littman, Frederic (1907-1979)
McLarty, Jack (1919-2011, Oregon)
Morris, Hilda G. (1911-1991, Oregon)
Oge, Pierre Marie Francois (1849-1913, French)
Rapp, Ebba (1909-1985, Washington)
Simpson, Lorna

Weber, Max (1881-1961)
Wilber, Greg

Artists: Glass

Berlin, Eric

Grim, Ray

Williams, Buzz

Artists: Wood & Mixed Media