J. Alden Weir (1852-1919)

Boats at Low Tide – Isle of Man, 1889


6 3/16" x 4 5/16"

Spencer Moseley (1925-1998)

Woman and Still Life and Flag of All Nations, 1952

oil on canvas

31 3/4" x 34 1/4"

Exhibited: Oakland Art Museum, Western Painters' Annual, 1954


Charles Heaney (1897-1981)

Market Corner, October 6, 1934

woodblock print

proposed edition of 75

5 3/4" x 6 1/4"

William Givler (1908-2000)

Oregon Coast, 1943


11 3/4" x 16 3/4"

Liisa Rahkonen

July 5 - 29, 2017

September 6 - 30, 2017

Armin Landeck (1905-1984)

Approaching Storm, Manhattan, 1937

drypoint etching

edition of 100

9 1/16" x 8 5/16"

Hank Kowert (1924-1977)

Storm, c. 1970's

oil on canvas

36" x 42"

Forster Robson (active 1888-1906, British)

Midsummer Night's Dream, 1893

watercolor and gouache

30" x 40"

Reception & Gallery Talk:  Saturday, July 8  1:30-3:00pm

Artist George Johanson will speak about the show at 2pm.

For the month of SEPTEMBER, we are featuring the sculpture, drawings, and paintings of contemporary Oregon artist, Liisa Rahkonen. Liisa produces remarkable and highly unique work, from a very personal inner vision.

Here is Liisa's artist statement:

"My clay animals walk the world between the conscious and the unconscious. They shape me as I shape them. This body of work is based on my personal evolution.

Many indigenous cultures believe that animals embody an essence, and by observing and tapping into that power, one could use the animal's characteristics to impel deep spiritual and personal growth for inspiration to shape one's own life and world. The fusion of animal and human shapes taps into the primal instinct that all life is one, derived from the same source, and is transformational.

The glazes are layered with color and texture, using multiple kiln firings to achieve the scraped and layered organic surface effect. The funnel-shaped spout (SpiritTube) is open for breath and speech, glazed red inside, exchanging energy between earth-body and infinite possibility. As I work, I am reminded to keep an open heart and mind. This work is a fusion of spirit, gratitude, curiosity, prayer, contention, awe and love."

Liisa Rahkonen

Internal Traction

charcoal on paper

37" x 29"

Between Worlds

George Johanson (b. 1928)

Two Backs with Wet Sky, 1964


edition 3 of 9

23" x 17 1/4"

Spencer Moseley (1925-1998)

STUKE, 1965

oil on canvas

24" x 24"

Exhibited: Bumberbiennale, Seattle, 2000

William McIlwraith (1867-1940)

Home of the Forgotten Men, 1936


8 5/8” x 11”

Portraying the Hooverville at Sullivan’s Gulch, near Lloyd Center.



James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903)

Street at Saverne, 1858

from the 'Twelve Etchings from Nature' series


82 known impressions

8 3/16" x 6 1/4"

Liisa Rahkonen

Consider Another Path, (Kingfisher)

glazed stoneware

30"h x 15"w x 17"d

Henry Pember Smith (1854-1907, American)

Venetian Canal Scene

oil on canvas

28" x 20"

In original ornate gold frame

Michael Parsons Fine Art

716 S.W. Madison

Portland, OR 97205

Phone 503-206-8601

Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday, 12pm-5pm

E-Mail:  michaelparsonsfineart@gmail.com

William Givler (1908-2000)

Eastern Oregon


edition of 10

11 1/4" x 15"


Reception & Gallery Talk:  Saturday, September 9  1:30-3:00pm

Liisa will speak about her work at 2pm.

While we regularly write about our changing monthly shows, we also remain fully engaged with the historic painters of the Northwest.  Fine works by historic Oregon and Washington state artists do arrive regularly, and we'd like to share pictures of some recent arrivals with you.  Mid-century modernist works include paintings by Hank Kowert, Spencer Moseley, and Otto Fried (not pictured). Hank Kowert (1924-1977) is one of our favorite Oregon landscape painters, and his poetic vision of the land, conveyed through his deeply personal and earthy color palette is always a delight to behold. Spencer Moseley (1925-1998) and Otto Fried (b.1922) were both students of the French painter Fernand Leger. Moseley taught for decades at the University of Washington, while Fried studied at the University of Oregon from 1946-1949, had a solo show at the Portland Art Museum, and enjoyed a long association with the Fountain Gallery.

Henry Pember Smith (1854-1907) is a highly regarded American artist, who worked extensively in Europe. His European works, like our Venice painting, often have vibrant, bright light, while many of his American landscape paintings are darker, and reminiscent of the Barbizon style. Forster Robson is a fine British artist, who worked actively from 1888-1906. Our Robson watercolor/gouache, dates from 1893, and quotes a passage from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream on its verso. It's quite lovely in it's 19th century, 23 karat gold frame.

For July, we present a historical show of more than 30 original prints by nationally known American printmakers: Thomas Hart Benton, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Childe Hassam, Armin Landeck, Rockwell Kent, J. Alden Weir, and Stow Wengenroth; alongside their Oregon printmaking peers: Charles Heaney, Gordon Gilkey, Jack McLarty, Melville Wire, William Givler, George Johanson, and John Rock, among others. Printmaking mediums presented include etching, lithography, engraving, woodblock, monotype, serigraph, embossment, etc...

There are several great print and etching shows happening around Portland throughout the summer at the Portland Art Museum, Michael Parsons Fine Art, and the Augen Gallery. Arts writer, Laurel Reed Pavic, who teaches print history at PNCA, wrote a wonderful article, "Prints on demand: Want to see my etchings?", for Oregon Artswatch about these shows.

Upcoming September Show...

Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975)

White Calf, 1945


edition of 250

10" x 12 3/4"

Recent Arrivals

Master American