Reception & Gallery Talk:

Saturday, October 5th, 1:30-3:00pm

Ray Grimm

Raymond Grimm (1924-2012) was an early leader in the vanguard of artists whotransformed Portland into a center for the ceramics and glass arts. This retrospective exhibition spans his wide-ranging career from the 1960’s onward, and includes his work as an artist and as a collector of other people’s work.  Grimm taught ceramics at Portland State University for 33 years influencing many of the ceramic artisans from the Northwest region. His inventive spirit led to innovative new pottery techniques and glazes that focused on process, and explored the ‘dialogue’ within the material. He would demonstrate his techniques for students in his PSU clay studio. Grimm created exceptional yet functional, beautiful ceramic sculpture and gained a reputation for creating the ‘perfect’ teapot.  

“I was making each piece as an individual piece, one of a kind. That’s just the way I am (I tend to go for the feeling or an impression). The market place never determined my direction. But at the same time I tended to make ceramics that were useful, functional...” Ray Grimm 

Grimm earned his graduate degree studying with F. Carlton Ball at Southern Illinois University, which provided him with the foundation for his technical skill in clay, and where he began his fascination with combining different materials in a collaborative manner. He became an important influence to the ceramic community in many ways. He built and established the first hot glass studio in Oregon, he joined fellow ceramicists, guided by the Korean kiln master Hok Pae, in building an ancient Gilgama kiln in the Manning hills, and he was instrumental in bringing visiting artists, such as Daniel Rhodes and PeterVoulkos, to the area.

Grimm received many awards in his lifetime. He exhibited his ceramics throughout Oregon and beyond since 1957, and has work in many public collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the University of Oregon Museum of Art, and Portland State University. His architectural and public commissions in ceramics, and wood sculpture, can be seen throughout Oregon including the regional resorts of: Mountain Park, Sunriver, Salishan, and Skamania Lodge, as well as Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, and many area churches.

September 4 - October 12


John Goodwin of the Portland Art Museum

will speak about collecting Oregon art at 2pm

Ray Grimm

Raku Tea Bowl, c. mid-1970’s,

brown and metallic glaze, Cannon Beach workshop

3 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Mid-Century Ceramics & Glass in Oregon

Reception & Gallery Talk:

Saturday, November 16 1:30-3:00pm

Ray Grimm

Branch Bottle, c. 1960’s

poured glaze patterns, reduction stoneware

8 1/2" x 6 1/2"


Our new show is a survey entitled, "100 Years of Oregon Painting," which features work by more than 50 Oregon artists, displayed throughout all 3 rooms of our gallery! This collection of historic Northwest paintings includes a variety of genres and styles, many rare lesser known artist gems, as well as work by many of the Oregon notables. Featured in the gallery are works by Melville Wire, Charles Heaney, Jay Backstrand, Peter Sheffers, Martina Gangle, Jack McLarty, Louis Bunce, Amanda Snyder, Jefferson Tester, Nelson Sandgren, C.C. McKim, Percy Manser, Royal Nebeker, Hank Kowert, Edward Hill, Howard Sewall, William Samuel Parrott, Andrew Vincent, William Givler, Carl Morris, David McCosh, Jack Portland, and more.  Rarities include Julian Eugene Lane, Anthony Euwer (3 works), Alda Jourdan, John Marion Crook, W.P. Hayes, Robert Galaher, Mardi Wood (a rare early painting), R.P. Habersham, Nellie Starr, Eva Ford Cline Smith, Edward Rufus Hill, Maude Kerns, Maury Hazeltine, and Bue Kee. Also on view are paintings by 6 of our current gallery artists including: Brigitte Dortmund, Laurel Buchanan, Melinda Thorsnes, Phyllis Trowbridge, Alex Lilly, and Marc Boone. It was a lot of fun assembling this show, and much of the work is fresh to the market. So as the summer vacation break winds down, we look forward to reconnecting with you at our gallery.

Edward Hill (1843-1923, Oregon/ American)

Maple Sugaring, 1919

oil on canvas

38" x 60"

Framed: 52" x 74"


Howard Sewall (1899-1975, Oregon)

Seated Woman, 1934

oil on canvas

30" x 24"


October 16 - November 30

 100 YEARS


Artist and former student, Dale Rawls, will speak about Ray's work at 2pm

Martina Gangle (1906-1994, Oregon)

The Hop Pickers

oil on canvas

23 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 19 1:30-3:00pm


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