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Ascension, 2018

oil on canvas

40" x 30"

Brigitte Dortmund

Throughout the 20th century, many Oregon artists have worked with and been influenced by abstraction. C.S. Price, who returned to Oregon in 1929, started this process by introducing many local artists to new, Modernist ideas about art making, beginning the formation of a long tradition, which continues to the present day.  Several Oregon artists who made abstract work in Oregon include Carl and Hilda Morris, Milton Wilson, Byron Gardner, Louis Bunce, and Clifford Gleason. Oregon artist Brigitte Dortmund, grew up and developed her abstract painting style within this tradition, which we view as a historical, linear progression that continues to the present day.

Brigitte Dortmund graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a BA in Psychology in 1986, followed by an MFA in Painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in 1992.  She has regularly exhibited her work throughout the Northwest since that time, including Portland gallery associations with Mark Woolley and Rod Pulliam.  Dortmund speaks enthusiastically of many inspirations from throughout art history, and particularly strong influences include the late paintings of Claude Monet, and the paintings of American artist Joan Mitchell, who spent a considerable portion of her career in France.  She is also an avid reader, a music lover, and has a strong interest in film. We find great beauty in Dortmund's colorful, spontaneous, and beautifully textured abstract paintings and are pleased to welcome her for this first exhibition with our gallery.

Artist Statement
“Perhaps I see utopian things, human honor and respect, landscapes not yet offended, planets that do not yet exist….dreamed landscapes”
-Werner Herzog

Painting is form in meditation
Imagination is a landscape of human truth
Paintings have tone, pitch, and lyricism, yet they are singular images of time
The emotional, sensual, and intellectual merge
The irony of these paintings is that they exist in the modern canon

                        October, 2018

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 6 1:30-3:00pm

Love Letter, 2018

oil on board

24" x 30"

Autumn Leaves, 2018

oil on canvas

30" x 24"

Brigitte will speak about her new paintings at 2pm

Brigitte's Website:

Adore, 2018

oil on board

24" x 20"

Flicker, 2018

oil on board

24" x 20"

October 3 - November 10

Momentary Suspension of Doubt, 2018

oil on board

38" x 42"

Reception & Artist Talk:

Saturday, November 3 1:30-3:00pm