March 8 - April 8, 2017

Chasse Davidson

Chasse Davidson, Horse Hair Raku Pot, 8.125" x 5.5"

Mardi Wood has been creating pottery for more than 50 years. In her own thoughtful words... "Classical form interest me. I like simple, elegant shapes. I love to see light passing through porcelain. I have always enjoyed throwing thin walls. Glaze and its application, creating layers, creating an atmosphere, often adding and subtracting through multiple firings, becomes 'painting' for me."

Mardi Wood, Two Bulls Teapot, 8.25" x 9.125" x 2.875"  -  SOLD

Michael Parsons Fine Art

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Portland, OR 97205

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Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday, 12pm-5pm



Chasse Davidson’s journey with clay began 22 years ago. Early on, female form was her central focus, although she now works primarily with wheel thrown vessels. Davidson finds endless possibilities in experimenting with the proportions of bottles, vases, and vessels as she joins and alters her pieces. She has worked extensively with raku and horse hair firing techniques, and since recently acquiring a larger raku kiln, her work is growing in scale.

Chasse Davidson

Copper Red Textured Raku Bottle, 10.25" x 5.125"

Chasse Davidson

Artists' Reception & Gallery Talk:

Saturday, March 18 1:30-3:00pm


Chasse Davidson

Mardi Wood, Bowl

Mardi Wood, Morandi Shapes